Nine solar cells designed with the same high grade
technology used by NASA, fully integrated to the
shape of the California Roll to maximize efficency.

Removable steel D-Ring and waterproof rubber
membrane to absorb shock and sound vibrations.

Connectivity - Easy to Connect



100 ft

30 m

With a maximum reach of 100 feet, you can connect any Bluetooth enabled device to your speaker, at the touch of a button. Just wait for the confirmation sound once you have pressed the Bluetooth icon, and pump up the volume.


California Roll uses NFC (Near Field Communication) to connect with other wireless devices, at a quicker speed than Bluetooth. NFC also has a lower energy consumption than Bluetooth, and allows a lesser likelihood of interference. To pair your device, place it directly on Lemon's logo and hold steady for two seconds. Once pairing is successful, California Roll will make a sound to confirm. Some devices may ask for confirmation from the user.

Aux Input

Cable included

No Bluetooth ? We thought of everything : you can also pair any device with an AUX port to your California Roll speaker. The cable is included in the package.

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Power - Multi-use battery

Solar Power

Space technology

NASA Approved Technology - California roll benefits from the highest quality of charging power available on the market. With the sophisticated NASA grade solar cells used in the California Roll, sunlight is trapped in our custom made cells and stored until it is used. With only 7 hours of sunlight, get 15 hours of sound, anywhere you go.

Power Bank

Charge devices

No more looking for an adaptor or a switch plug while abroad. Simply connect your electronic device to your speaker through the USB or AUX input, and get on with your day.

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Social - Connect to anyone, anywhere you want

Multi Connection

Multi-device juggler ? No worries : you can connect up to three Bluetooth enabled devices at once to your speaker, making it possible for you to control your music with your tablet or your computer while your phone is charging.


The burden of managing your party's playlist will no longer be on your shoulders : with its Multi-Hosts system, California Roll allows up to 3 smartphones to control the music from the speaker.

Pairing Sysytem

Want to upgrade your experience? Discover our pairing system : use Bluetooth to pair up two speakers for a richer sound, and twice the fun. To pair multiple California Rolls, just press the "DJ mode" icon on all desired speakers, and enjoy.

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Sound - 3D Sound


The easiest set-up. Pair your phone with your speaker simply by clicking on the logo, and ask away ! California Roll's built in microphone allows you to use Siri or Google now and enjoy hours of music without lifting a finger.


California Roll uses APTX technology, which powers wireless sound by reducing the size of audio files so that the sound quality through Bluetooth is the highest possible. Thanks to this technology, the music played over Bluetooth is CD level quality.


California Roll is equipped with a stereo sound system, creating an immersive sound. With three individual speakers located within the device, and the large speaker on the outside, the stereophonic sound will rock your world.



California Roll is waterproof up to one meter thanks to IPX7 grade technology. With an unscrewable panel to cover the USB power bank, the device can be completely submerged in water and avoid damages.


With a complete rubber outfitting, California Roll is shockproof.


As a solar powered device, California Roll can be left in the sun without overheating. The device can withstand temperatures from 0°F to 140°F / -20°C to 60°C.

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