How it all started

" One morning, I realized how much I hated the hassle of cords and cables from all of my electronic devices, especially when I’m travelling. As a travelling businessman I often come across places which don’t supply adequate sockets for my electronic devices. I realized that this burden could be relieved with the use of solar power on any of these devices. However I also realized that solar technology is difficult to manage because most of these electronic devices have a small surface space for solar cells to work on. This is where I decided to merge my interest in solar technology with my passion for music, by creating a solar powered speaker that would boast high quality sound. From this point onwards Lemon was born, and the California Roll speaker was launched on Kickstarter in July, 2016. "

Vincent Dupontreué, Founder & CEO

Behind the name

We didn't want to create just another speaker. California Roll is the world’s first solar powered speaker to combine 3D sound quality with voice activated technology. Made in the USA, the solar panels formatted for the California Roll use NASA grade technology, providing the highest quality of charging power available on the market. With collaborations between the world’s largest technology factories in the sound, solar, and Bluetooth industry, Lemon has created an unrivalled speaker, made to follow adventurers.