California Roll – Silver


Discover the World's first 24/7 Solar Powered Wireless Speaker. With only 7 hours of sunlight, get 15 hours of music, anywhere you want.You can use the energy stored to charge up to 3 electronic devices with its integrated power bank.

  • An all weather companion : California Roll is waterproof IPX7 (submersible) and floatable. Easy to transport, it only weighs 780g. Shockproof and temperature-Proof (-20°C to +60°C), this speaker is designed for life on the go.
  • Fully Connected : Voice recognition feature, Multi-connection Bluetooth to connect up to 3 Smartphones, California Roll has it all.
  • Duo experience : amplify the sound by pairing two speakers together. California Roll delivers deep, loud, and immersive sound of 90 dB without distortion with frequency response of 65 Hz to 22 kHz.

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Nine solar cells designed with the same high grade
technology used by NASA, fully integrated to the
shape of the California Roll to maximize efficency.

Removable steel D-Ring and waterproof rubber
membrane to absorb shock and sound vibrations.




100 ft

30 m

To pair California Roll with Bluetooth enabled devices, hold the device a maximum of 100 feet away and touch the Bluetooth icon on the menu. The blue light will flash while the device is pairing, and will light up blue once it is connected. Once the Bluetooth icon is pushed, there is a three minute time frame for devices to be paired. If unsuccessful, retry after the three minute period. Once the pairing is successful the device will make a sound to confirm. Some devices may ask for confirmation from the user.


California Roll uses NFC (Near Field Communication) to connect with other wireless devices, at a quicker speed than Bluetooth. NFC also has a lower energy consumption than Bluetooth, and allows a lesser likelihood of interference. To pair device, place directly on LEMON logo and hold for two seconds. Once pairing is successful, California Roll will make a sound to confirm. Some devices may ask for confirmation from the user.

Aux Input

Cable included

On the bottom panel of California Roll there is an AUX outlet where smart devices can be directly connected to the device without the use of Bluetooth. The cable is included with California Roll, and works with all devices with an AUX port.

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Solar Power

Space technology

California Roll is charged with nine custom made, thin solar cells, placed along the side of the device. These solar cells integrate NASA solar technology and have been created to hold the maximum amount of power. The device is able to produce 20 hours of music from 7 hours of sunlight.

Power Bank

Charge devices

On the side end of California Roll there is a USB power bank, where other electronic devices can be charged. The charge comes from the solar energy, allowing the device to charge itself and the device plugged into it at the same time. The power bank is covered by a panel in order to protect against water damage. The power bank is also equipped with the AUX input.

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Multi Connection

California Roll can connect up to three Bluetooth enabled devices at once. This feature allows more than one device to control California Roll at any given time. To add a device, touch the DJ icon on the menu. It will flash white while it is connecting, and stay white once connected. The next time the speaker is turned on, it will attempt to reconnect to the last device it was paired to.


Along with the Multi-Connection feature, DJ Mode allows for up to three smart devices to control the music from California Roll. In this mode, the music will automatically pause and play when it is changed from one device to another. The pairing of multiple devices is the same as with Multi-Connection.

Pairing Sysytem

Bluetooth enabled devices are allowed to pair up to two California Roll’s at the same time. To pair multiple California Rolls, press the DJ mode icon on all desired speakers. All connected speakers will play the same music from the same device.

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California Roll has a built-in microphone located beneath the speaker grille. This placement allows full voice recognition once the microphone icon is touched. To activate the voice recognition feature, touch the microphone icon and speak normally to the speaker.


APTX technology powers wireless sound by reducing the size of audio files so that the sound quality through Bluetooth is the highest possible. Thanks to this technology, the music played over Bluetooth is CD level quality.


California Roll is equipped with a stereo sound system, creating a sound that surrounds the listener. With three individual speakers located within the device, and the large speaker on the outside, the stereophonic sound is well received.



California Roll is waterproof up to one meter thanks to IPX7 grade technology. With an unscrewable panel to cover the USB power bank, the device can be completely submerged in water and avoid damages.


With a complete rubber outfitting, California Roll is shockproof.


As a solar powered device, California Roll can be left in the sun without overheating. The device can withstand temperatures from 0°F to 140°F / -20°C to 60°C.

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  1. Bluetooth version: 4.1, transmitter distance at least 100 ft, 30 M (line of sight)
  2. Support: A2DP V1.3, AVRCP V1.5, HFP V1.6, HSP V1.2
  3. Transducers: (use 1.75 inch, with passive radiator, IPX7)
  4. Stereo 2ch x10W amp
  5. Battery type: Lithium Polymer (3.7Vdc, 5000mAh)
  6. Full Battery play time > 15 hrs (Song Hotel California 1/2 Volume for smartphones)
  7. Micro USB 5Vdc 2.3A, Battery charge time: < 4.5 hrs
  8. Connections: Aux-in, Micro-USB for Charge In, USB Charge Out (5V 2.1A Max)
  9. Bluetooth Audio Receiver automation pairing with phones and tablets
  10. (Display product name “Lemon California Roll” in pairing unit)

Electrical Description

  1. System has the following 3 power modes: ON/OFF and Standby mode
  2. Audio from Bluetooth & Aux-in(3.5mm), Bluetooth shall be first priority
  3. Speaker phone (with MIC): Hands-free for communications
  4. Vol+, when press the Vol+ the sound level reach Max, will have “Bi” sound for indication
  5. BT & Aux-in without signal after 30min will Automatics switching power off to Sleep mode
  6. Voice-recognition: Press & Hold Party-mode key for 3s switches to voice-recognition, Press one to release to last status
  7. 6 Keys : Power(On/Off), Multi-function(Play/Pause/Phone), Vol+, Vol-, Bluetooth,
  8. LED indicator: LED Flash= 1s/flaching, On=light on, Off=light off Blue(Bluetooth), White(Power/Volume/Multi-host), & White x5(Battery level Index)
  9. When switch ON, the battery index will show batter level 15s, then turn off
  10. When switch ON, position in sleep mode, which still can charge battery, (when battery charging, the Index LED will flashing)
  11. When switch OFF, which still can charge battery, (when battery full charged, the Index LED turn all constant)
  12. Multi-Host: Wirelessly links multiple compatible speakers together. Press the Multi-Host button on all desired speakers to begin pairing. All connected speakers will play the same music from the same device.
Additional Information
Weight 1.53 lbs
Dimensions 26 x 13.8 x 11.2 in