About Us

Lemon founder Vincent Dupontreué was born just outside Paris in 1977. He had a precious entrepreneurial spirit that had him making and selling bracelets on the beach in Corsica during holidays when he was just 11 years old, and at 13 years old building and selling skateboard ramps with his brother. With a passion for music, Vincent built his first speaker for his rock band at 15 years old when he started to play guitar, and by age 17 he was teaching guitar lessons.

At age 18 he got a job working for a bespoke men’s clothing store, which quickly led to the position of sales manager at Ermenegildo Zegna. At 22 years old he set up his own fashion brand called ‘Vincent Dupontreué’, and after seven successful years Vincent sold his fashion brand, completed an MBA in Lausanne, Switzerland, and ran an art gallery for a couple of years. In 2010, a desire for a nice watch ignited his entrepreneurial spirit once again and he decided to launch his own high-end Swiss brand. After three years of development, Vincent launched the brand Breva based in Geneva, by creating the first watch in the world giving weather forecast by a mechanical movement.

Since the 2000’s, Vincent was very interested by the tech industry, and his travel to the US on a monthly basis made led to his admiration of the american business market. Vincent has traveled and lived across the United States at different points of his life, and has used these experiences to fuel his desire to create an american business.

Finally, in 2015, Vincent decide to establish a company in San Francisco and started to develop his new idea. He wanted to create a product that was green and sustainable, but also fun and accessible. Vincent shares his inspiration for Lemon:

“One morning, I realized how much I hated the hassle of cords and cables from all of my electronic devices, especially when I travel. For the typical business man, I am traveling all of the time, and often will go places that do not have the same outlet to charge my electronics. I realized that this burden could be relieved with the use of solar power on any of these devices. However I also realized that solar technology is difficult to manage because most of these electronic devices have a small surface space for solar cells to work on. This is where I decided to merge my interest in solar technology with my passion for music, by creating a solar powered speaker that would boast high quality sound. From this idea Lemon was born, and the California Roll speaker will be launched on kickstarter.com on July 19, 2016.

LEMON was born under the water and regenerates under the sun, making it our contribution to a better, more sustainable planet.